Management of presence/absence types

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Management of presence/absence types is used to register individual types of presence/absence.

Some types are automatically preset in the system, such as Vacation, Sickness and others.

To manage presence/absence types, go to the Presence/Absence > tab on the main bar

Balance and Type Management > Presence/Absence Types.

Use the Add Presence/Absence Type button to create a new new record. A detailed description of the Presence/Absence type form can be found in the article Presence/absence type form .

You can manage individual types of presence/absence by clicking on the pencil icon in the right part of the page. Click the cross icon to remove the type.

If you need to create a similar presence/absence type that already exists, you don't need to create it all over again. All you have to do is click on the pencil icon for an existing record and then click on the Copy button in the open window.

Then edit only those fields that are different and save the record using the Add presence/absence type button.

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