Creating and targeting templates

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You can find document templates on the main panel on the tab

Extra > Document management > Templates and source files.

You must have the Document templates permission set to view the Templates and source files tab. If you do not have this permission, contact your administrator.

On the Templates and source files tab, you can create folders and insert the appropriate document templates into them. You create a new folder by clicking the Add folder button (1). After clicking the folder, you can upload the prepared documents - the Upload files button (2).

Uploaded document templates need to contain appropriate tokens to ensure automatic generation of documents. Instructions for inserting tokens into the documentation you can find here.

When you upload a file, you can specify what type of document it is. You can upload:

  • General documentation
  • Work/Law related (generated documentation)
  • Onboarding e-mail attachment
  • Medical examination invitation attachment

You can then target the uploaded document to selected employees. Editing can be done by clicking on the pencil icon .

To target a selected group of employees, click the Select button.

The prepared templates can then be found on the worker's profile in Documents.

Click on the Generate documents button to display a window with a selection of all documents that target the employee.

Select the documents you want to generate for the employee, choose the Output format of the generated document, and select the category in which the generated document will be saved on the employee's profile.

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