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In PINYA HR, you can add and edit messages that will be sent to employees according to preset criteria.

Message templates can be set in the main settings of PINYA HR.

You can get to Settings by clicking on the key logo in the main menu.

In the settings, go to the Message Templates section.

In this module you will find three types of templates:

  • Manual messages
  • Automatic messages
  • Custom messages

Manual messages

Manual messages are sent when someone makes an action in PINYA HR. For each message is preset when or in which case it will be sent (after which action) and to whom it will be sent.

For example:

The employee requests password recovery. A manual message entitled Password reset will be automatically sent to the given employee according to the following preset criteria:

  • When sent: user enters their username and confirms.
  • Recipient: the employee who wants to reset the password (work or private email address).

In order for the message to be sent in a personalized way - that is, for the employee's data to be automatically written into it - tokens need to be added to the message template.

Each preset manual message contains the tokens needed for this function. Tokens vary by message topic. Tokens that can be used in a given message can be found listed in the editing panel of the given message, which can be accessed by clicking on the icon with the pencil symbol.

Manual messages can be edited, not added.

Automatic messages

Automatic messages are sent automatically if there is a need to send a regular report or reminder in the system, for example at the end of the trial period, the end of the validity of the training, etc. The principle of sending and editing automatic messages works similarly to manual messages.

Automatic messages can be edited, but not added.

Custom messages

Custom messages can be added and edited. Click on the Add Template button to create a new report template.

Choose the type of custom message from the preset options and fill in:

  • The name of the message
  • Subject
  • Content
  • Recipients (you can also choose other recipients - not only those predefined in the message template)
  • Email account
  • Publish option (when the Published box is ticked, the message will be activated for sending)

For your own report, you must choose one of the preset template types. The Introductory email type is of particular importance.

Onboarding email

The introductory email is one of the preset message templates. This e-mail is used to collect information about the employee even before he joins the company. Through this email, you can send a link to the online personal questionnaire to the prospective employee. After filling it out, the future employee's data will be automatically entered into the system - directly into the new employee's profile.

You can set the language mutation of all message templates through list fields. Instructions can be found here .

Each message template has a preset recipient and action when it is sent. At the same time, it has preset tokens that allow the message to be personalized without the need for rewriting.

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