Tokens in documentation

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Tokens are expressions with an underscore at the beginning.

They are used to automatically generate customized documentation for the selected employee.

Tokens are added to document templates. Their list is available on the tab Extra > Document management >

Generate and import documents > Generate documents from templates button > Tokens button.

Each token has its own meaning. It expresses the value specified in the employee's profile, which is automatically replaced by the relevant information in the generated document.

Example: Insert a token named _BirthDate in the document template. After the document is generated in the appropriate employee's folder, the token is overwritten by the date of birth value it represents. In the generated document, the date of birth of the selected employee will be displayed instead of the _BirthDate token.

When you hover the cursor over a token in the token list, an explanation of its meaning will be displayed.

To ensure proper documentation generation, assign tokens to the document template before uploading them to PINYA HR.

If the tokens are inserted correctly into the document, the data will be overwritten according to the data on the employee's card when the document is generated.

Then upload the token document to the appropriate folder on the Templates and source files tab in PINYA HR. Instructions are here .

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