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The News module is used to insert news and information for your employees.

You can get to news management by clicking on Extra in the main navigation menu.

The News module contains a list of already published news.

In the upper right corner there is a button leading to the news management to edit already published news or to add a new one (1).


News management allows you to manage already published news - by clicking on its name in the list of news - or to create a new one (2). A new can be added by clicking on the button Add news .


The panel for creating news contains several sections to be filled in (3):

  • Title
  • PreContent
  • Content
  • Targeting (to choose employees to whom the news will be displayed)
  • Always at the top (to make the selected news displayed in the first place in the list of published news)
  • Publication date
  • Published (to make the update visible to selected employees)
  • Notify on the day of publication (an e-mail notification will be sent to selected employees when the news is published)
  • Photo


After filling in all the fields, you can save changes. If you have chosen the current date as the publication date, the news will be published immediately. At the same time, if you have chosen the option of notifying selected employees, the notification will be sent to them a few minutes after the news is published.

If you want to edit the news, click on its name in the list of news on the News Management panel. You can edit the news as you like (4).

If you choose the option to notify employees after editing the news, the notification about the update will be sent again to the selected employees.


The published news will be displayed to selected employees on the PINYA HR home page in the News section (5) - if not set differently.


To change the display settings of the News section on the PINYA HR home page for all or individual account levels, go to the main system settings in the Configuration section (6).

In the Widgets section, select the account level for which you want to show or hide the news section.

To hide the news section on the PINYA HR home page for a preset account level, uncheck the box titled News. Save changes. On the contrary, if you want to display news for the selected account level, check the box titled News and save the changes.


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