Bulk balance management

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The balance determines how many days the employee can currently use for their absence.

The number of days/hours requested by the employee is then automatically deducted from the balance.

When managing the balance, it is important to choose the appropriate year (1) and type of absence (2) for which the balance is set.

By clicking in the right column, you can set the value of the absence balance of individual employees.

You can pre-populate the balance value (3) from the following sources:

  1. Balance: the current amount of the holiday balance (1)
  2. Default claim (attendance/absence type): the amount of the balance set in the management of absence types (2)
  3. Employment card (vacation entitlement) : the amount of the entitlement that the employee has set on his card in the Employment section (3)




Only balance values higher than 0 will be set.

By clicking on Set balance, the set data will be transferred to individual employees.

Automatic balance transfer

1.1. 2022, a procedure will be automatically started that will transfer the rest of the unused balance of absences to the new period.

The maximum amount that can be transferred can be set for each type of absence separately in the management of absence types (1).

Make sure you have default balances for the next year set up for employees before the end of the year. The balance carried over from the previous year is then added to them on January 1.

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