Manager and Approver

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Designating an employee's manager and approver is very important in PINYA HR.

It affects the proper functioning of the system in several areas.

Thanks to this setting, you can easily create the organizational structure of the company and enable the approval of absences.

To set up a manager and approver, go to the Work data tile on that employee's profile.

On the Work data tab, select the Job post tab.

On the Job post tab, you will find a form where you can select the manager and approver of the employee from a drop-down menu. The employee's manager and approver can be the same person.

If the form is locked, click the Edit button. The form will then be unlocked and you can make the required changes.

After saving, the changes will be automatically written into the company's organizational structure. At the same time, your chosen approver will be able to approve or reject requests for the absence of the employee.

The employee sees information about who is his manager and approver on the same tab in his profile, but also in the left vertical panel.

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