Creating requests

Updated by Tým PINYA

  1. You can create a new request in two places:
  • on the main bar click Add request

  • on the main bar click the Requests tab and then click the Add new requests button

  1. A window will appear where you can select the request (the pre-created template) which you want to add. How to add new templates and edit existing ones can be found in the Request templates article. Then click the Continue button.

  1. In the displayed form, you will see whether and by whom your request will be approved and who will solve it.
    Fill in all the required fields (follow the instructions) and then click the Send button.

Regular employees can enter a request only for their person, managers for their subordinates, etc. The ability to select the affected person is governed by the employee detail permissions set in the configuration.

  1. The registered request is displayed in the request panel and has status To approved (if approval is defined for it) or Pending.

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