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If a new employee has been added to the system, it is necessary to establish access for him/her.

Go to Employee profile > Account settings.

Access to the HR system is disabled here by default.

In order to send a login request to a new employee, access to the HR system must be enabled, i.e. the switch should be green. At the same time, the button Prompt for login will be activated.

Click the Prompt for login button. Then choose whether the invitation to log in to the HR system should be sent to a personal or work e-mail address. Then click Send prompt.

The new employee will receive a message containing a link to log in to the selected e-mail address.

After clicking on the link, the employee will be redirected to a page where he/she can set a login password.

If the invitation to log into the HR system was sent to one e-mail address more than once, only the most recent link is valid. Clicking on older links will not redirect you to the password setup page.

After the employee sets a password to log in to the HR system, the link becomes automatically inactive and when the user clicks on it, the user is redirected directly to the login page.

If the user already has a password set and is prompted to log in, the original password is still valid until he/she clicks on the link and changes the password himself/herself.

You can also send a request to log in to the HR system when importing employees in bulk. More information can be found in the article Bulk import of employees .

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