The list of entrusted assets

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To view the list of entrusted assets, go to the main menu > HR > Entrusted assets .

From here you can creating templates for asset allocation or individual asset items, e.g. define asset types,

templates for asset allocation or individual asset items. (1)


For easier orientation in the items, use the

filters - the main filters (top right) and other filters above the individual attributes of the items.



Creation of your own views

  1. Click Manage views > Add new. (2)
  2. Select the columns you want to see in your view.
  3. Choose how to sort and group the columns.
  4. Name the view and specify its visibility.
  5. Click Add new view .


Creating an asset item

  1. Click Create new asset item.
  2. Select an asset type.
  3. Fill in the necessary attributes in the form. Item name is required.
  4. Save the changes with the Create new asset item button. (3)
  5. To modify an asset item, click on the selected item and confirm the changes with the Save changes button.


History of asset item

  1. Click on the selected asset item to open Asset item detail.
  2. You can view the history of the asset by clicking Display history button.
  3. View the lifecycle of an asset item from acquisition to disposal. (4)


List of employee entrusted assets and history

Currently assigned assets

To view a list of an employee's assigned assets, go to Employee Profile > Assets > Currently Assigned . Assets that have been taken over are marked in green, assets intended to be taken over or returned are marked in yellow. (5)


Here, the employee confirms the acceptance or return of the assets using the Confirm button. (6)


Here, the administrator can edit assigned assets and start the return process. Click on Title to open the details of the asset item and can edit it. (7)


History of the property

To view an employee's assigned asset history, go to Employee profile > Assets > Assignment history . (8)


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