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Users who have the Generated documentation permission can generate documents.

This permission can be set by the administrator.

To generate documents, you must have the required document templates saved on the Templates and source files tab (in Document management) along with the inserted tokens.

Instructions for inserting tokens into document templates you can find here.

Instructions for creating and targeting document templates you can find here.

To generate documents, go to the profile of the selected employee to the Documents section.

Click the Generate documents button.

In the window that appears, select the Job contract (1) and the Milestone (2) from which the tokens are to be replenished. The window also displays all the Document templates (3) that are targeted the employee. Select only those templates that you want to use for document generation. Then select the Output format (4) of the document and the Document category (5) to which the document should be generated.

You can also download all the documents you want to generate in a ZIP file using the Download all in ZIP button.

Click on the button Generate documents and have a document generated with the employee's data into the appropriate category.

If the appropriate tokens have been correctly uploaded to the document template (Figure 1), all the information from the employee profile that was represented by a token in the template is overwritten in the generated document (Figure 2).

(Fig. 1)

(Fig. 2)

The generated document can be renamed directly in the employee profile. Just search for the relevant category in which the document is stored and click on the pencil symbol to rename the file. Use the cross symbol to delete the file.

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