Import documents in bulk

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Users who have the Import documents in bulk permission set can import documents in bulk.

This permission can be set by an administrator.

If you need to import multiple documents at once (e.g. payslips, training certificates, etc.), go to Extra > Document management > Generation and import of documents.

Click the Import documents from your computer button.

A window will open in which you select the Category to which you want to import documents and upload the required documents (they cannot be in ZIP format). The document name must contain at least one of the following employee identifiers:

  • last name
  • employee number
  • social security number

The mechanism for assigning (whispering) employees first searches for a match on the last name. In the case of multiple employees with the same last name, it searches for a match on last name + first name. If it doesn't find the last name, it searches for the employee number. If it finds neither the last name nor the employee number, it searches for the social security number. If the mechanism doesn't find any of the above, it won't assign anyone. The first name is not evaluated separately - if only a first name match is found, the system will not assign any employee.

Then click the button Continue to the second step .

Check here that the assignment of documents to individual employees is correct. For example, if you have named a document incorrectly (it does not contain any of the required identifiers), the system is unable to assign any employees. In this case, select the employee manually. If everything is correct, click the Upload files button.

The system will ask if you want to start the import.

You can view uploaded documents in the Upload history Log .

You can only import multiple documents into 1 category at a time.

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